26 Apr

Language is a habit, so if we want to master the language, we have to use it every day. How can we do that? English is foreign language in our country. It will be very easy if we have parents or other family who can speak English. We can communicate with them in English. But how can we do if we don’t have partner to speak? Should we speak ourselves? It’s like crazy people, right? He he he There are many ways to study. It’s better to practice alone than nobody can be partner. Maybe someone will think that we are crazy. It’s never mind. The most important thing is that we are able to speak English. Come on! We start to speak English from now on. This way is for people who can’t speak English yet. If you have mastered English, just miss it! Don’t waste your time! Okay, today we will try to express our idea in English. Now we imagine something that we want to do. And then we will express what we want to do in English. Just say it! Don’t worry to make mistakes! I’ll give you examples: I want to come to my friend and ask her to go to somewhere. I hope she doesn’t mind to accompany me because I really love her. And so on and so on.(you can continue by yourself). It’s very easy, isn’t it? Come on…let’s say many things.



  1. mobil88 26 April 2010 pada 22:31 #

    wah…wah Artikel yg menarik dan menyegarkan, saya setuju…
    Salam hangat dari http://mobil88.wordpress.com
    Sukses selalu 😀

  2. romailprincipe 26 April 2010 pada 22:44 #

    I want to see my AS Roma win the serie A tittle this year. “IL Principe” Francesco Totti getting older so that i hope he win at least one more tittle. But they lost yesterday, Sampdoria with the clinical striker Giampaolo Pazzini have been dominate the game at 2nd half..
    All Romanisti must be sad..hiks2

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